One person killed after 2 semi trucks collide on I-75 in Monroe Township

MONROE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) - One person was killed in a tragic crash involving two semi trucks on I-75 in Monroe Township. The northbound and southbound lanes were shut down for hours due to the crash.

Northbound I-75 was shut down at LaPlaisance Road and now has one lane open. Southbound I-75 in the area has reopened.

The devastating crash happened in the northbound lanes after a man driving semi tractor trailer carrying laundry detergent lost control of his vehicle.

The person driving the second semi could not avoid the accident.

"You could see a big cloud of black smoke. You could see it for miles," said witness Charles Lawson.

"You could see all the diesel truck rerouted off the highway. So we knew there was a bad wreck or something."

It happened around 9:45 Wednesday morning. The first vehicle hit two cement support pillars for the Dunbar Road overpass. According to state police, the crash caused the first truck’s trailer to overturn and spill all of its cargo.

Then quickly both vehicles burst into flames. A lot of debris filled the freeway and both sides were shut down at one point.

MDOT came to the scene to make sure the overpass was structurally safe before opening the southbound side.
The man driving the first truck, Kevin Dake, died at the scene.

The 43-year-old was from Bloomington, Illinois.

The second driver was able to escape his burning vehicle.

A woman in a sedan was also involved in the accident. Both of them had non-life threatening injuries. For witnesses, they are left with the haunting images of what took place today.

"Too devastating for me,” said Lawson. “I would like to not have seen it at all. I feel bad for the people's families.  you know, the drivers."

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