What exactly happened to missing 18-year-old Hayley Turner found in Ecorse?

MONROE, Mich., (WXYZ) - Ecorse police are trying to determine what exactly happened to a Monroe woman who went missing Thursday and shockingly turned up safe in Ecorse a day later.

Eighteen-year-old Hayley Turner went to the Ecorse Police Station, Saturday afternoon to talk to detectives about what transpired during her disappearance.

She was discovered 45 minutes away from her Monroe home after someone called 911 saying they had seen a woman jumping from a moving vehicle.

Police responded to the corner of 19th and Salliotte in Ecorse where they found Turner with a few scratches but physically okay.

Thursday night, the University of Toledo student was driving home from a video store when she said she saw a man in a ditch near her home.

She told a friend on the phone she was getting out of her car to help, but later she said the man had a gun and was following her.

Shortly after, her phone went dead.

Before Turner was found, her parents made a plea asking Turner to return home safely.  Her mother addressed Turner saying if she did come home, no questions would be asked.

Once she was found, she told police she had been abducted.

The 18-year-old was taken to the local hospital to be evaluated and was released to her parents.

Turner showed up in an SUV at the Ecorse Police Department as a 7 Action News camera was rolling Saturday.

A young woman inside flicked off the camera and the SUV speed away.


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