10-year-old girl using smart phone app receives lewd pictures from stranger

TROY, Mich. (WXYZ) - A 10-year-old girl using an app to text her friends reported to police that she was sent a slew of lewd pictures through the program.

The girl downloaded an app called "textPlus" to her Kindle, and according to the report, sent a message saying she was looking to chat with others of similar age. That's when she received the unwanted photos.

Cyber expert Jeff Ingalsbee, who is the chair of the Computer Information Systems Department at the University of Detroit Mercy, says parents need to communicate with their kids and monitor the apps they've downloaded.

"Check your kid's phone. Ask them what they're downloading. Monitor the account," Ingalsbee said.

Ingalsbee, who also worked at Ford's information technology security unit, tells Action News parents need to learn how to use parental controls.

"The iPhone is great because it has parental controls which say, before you install this app, what's the rating on this app?"

Unrated apps or apps that don't meet the standard set by the parent cannot be downloaded.

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