142 marriage licenses issued to same-sex couples in Oakland County, see one couple's journey.

PONTIAC, Mich. (WXYZ) - James Ryder and Frank Colasonti Jr. walked away with the first same sex marriage license in Oakland County Saturday morning.

The historic day meant so much to them, they woke up at 4:00 in the morning.

Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown tweeted out Oakland County issued 142 marriage licenses.

"I'm holding an official copy of our marriage license," Colasonti Jr said excitedly.

A long line of couples gladly waited at the courthouse for that special piece of paper.

A federal judge's Friday afternoon struck down the ban on same sex marriage, causing most the spur of the moment weddings.

Roland and Paul Mattson-Smith were among the patient people in line.

After getting their license, the two were singing all the way out of the courthouse to a small ceremony by their reverends from at Metropolitan Community Church.

"It means everything to me that we are validated… but we didn't need this day to be validated,” Roland said.  “We were already validated in our hearts and with God."

“This was just the legal [part] so we could have the same legal rights as everyone else.  The same civil rights as everyone else,"  Paul said.

They wanted nothing more than to say their vows in their home state.

"This is where we work.  We support Michigan.  We buy in Michigan,” said Roland.
"We pay our taxes in Michigan," said Paul.
"We own a home here.  So we wanted to be married here," Roland siaid.

B.C. Ca Bang Bang told 7 Action News he has dreamed of this day since he was 9 years old.

Ca Bang Bang and his partner Gary Murphy have waited 24 years for this day.

They said they have watched all of their family members get married.
Ca Bang Bang said he knew one day, it would happen for him.

"We've even see the Mendez brothers who went to prison for killing their parents got married in prison,” said  Ca Bang Bang.  “When that happened, I was really upset.  Here I am… with the person I love and I still couldn't get married… and I didn't kill anyone."

While it is the most important day for the newlyweds, they are all ready to quickly settle into married life.

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