30-year-old murder cold case re-opened after son investigates past

OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich (WXYZ) - Nearly thirty years after the unsolved case of his mother's murder, a grown man digs into the past, causing the case to be re-opened.

Jeff Earley and his sibling were just kids when his mother, Amy Rose Hurst, and her new husband, walked out of her Waterford Township home to move to Florida and was never seen again.

A few years ago, as a 39-year-old adult, Jeff said he wondered what happened to his mother, which caused him to start digging into the past. That was when he discovered a website about missing individuals.

It was there the he discovered the story of a woman, found by fishermen in 1982, 27 miles off shore and deep into the Gulf of Mexico.

The woman discovered was wrapped in a bed spread and afghan and had a chain tied around her waist with a cement block attached to it.

It was the afghan and bedspread that tipped off Jeff. He recognized them to be similar to an afghan and bedspread made by his grandmother and used by his mother as a child.

Once Jeff contacted the Florida Police and a DNA sample was taken, they were able to confirm; the female body found in the Gulf of Mexico belonged to his mother.

And the murder case that was cold for so many years, has now been re-opened.

Florida Police will make a trip to Michigan to speak with the family and anyone else who knew Amy Rose Hurst. They want to find out how she died and who was behind it.

Jeff and his sister are hoping to bring the remains of their mother home for a proper burial and to help them gain closure and peace of mind.


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