A Farmington Hills woman fights for her life after she contracted a rare-flesh eating disease

Family consults attorney

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. (WXYZ) - Action News has learned that the family of a Farmington Hills woman who contracted a flesh-eating disease has consulted an attorney.

"The first hospital we're no sure if they did the proper procedure in removing the boil she had and whether she had the proper wound care," says attorney Brian Benner.

Benner says he will be collecting all medical records of Crystal Spencer and have them checked out by experts. Benner says it could take up to a year before any lawsuit is filed.

"This is really a severe situation," says Benner. "It is my understanding that this poor woman is now on a ventilator."

Spencer is listed in serious condition.

Also today the Spencer family has set up a fund to help pay medical bills.

Donations can be made to the Crystal Spencer Recovery Fund, LOC Federal Credit Union, Account # 60769, 22981 Farmington Road, Farmington, MI 48336.

PREVIOUS ARTICLE by Julie Banovic:

A Farmington Hills woman is fighting for her life after she contracted a flesh-eating disease.

"They only give her a 20 to 30 percent chance to pull out of this, not even to make this," said husband Jeff Spencer.

33-year-old Crystal Spencer is in serious condition at Detroit Receiving Hospital where she has been since June 30.

"It's hard," said Jeff.

Jeff said doctors diagnosed his wife with the rare flesh-eating bacteria called necrotizing faciitis.

"The surgeon said she had a flesh-eating bacteria and it could kill her," said Jeff.

She has the same type of infection that Georgia grad student Aimee Copeland contracted two months ago.  To save Copeland's life, doctors amputated her left leg, right foot and both hands. Jeff says so far his wife has had a part of her midsection removed, about the size of a baby watermelon. 

"The surgeon keeps going in and cleaning it and cleaning it. But they're saying it could go either way," said Jeff.

Jeff believes Crystal got the infection at a different metro Detroit hospital recently when she had surgery to remove an abscess from her leg that could have been caused by her type 2 diabetes.

"They're saying it's a long road but I'm trying to think for the better that hopefully she does make it.  She's alert but she's not to the point where she can talk or really do much," said Jeff.

Crystal is in the ICU. Jeff said she can respond to him with her eyes, but really it is his wife's big smile he wants to see, and to just have her come home.

"It's just hard at night to do this. I'm keeping my hopes up I'm praying and have family do what they can," said Jeff.

Jeff said they will be taking legal action against the metro Detroit hospital where he thinks she got the rare infection.

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