A financial review team is heading to Pontiac and teachers fear that could mean more layoffs

PONTIAC, Mich (wxyz) - 7 Action News has learned a financial review team will be in Pontiac to look at the school district's finances.

The Interim Superintendent, Dr. Walter Burt says the financial team will take a close look at the finances because the district needs to cut $25 million dollars, $15 million by June 30th.

The teacher's union president Aimee McKeever says the teachers are hoping to sit down with the review team to let them know the teachers are willing to give concessions. 

McKeever says they do not want an Emergency Manager but they know a financial review team is the first step in the process that could lead to an EM although it doesn't mean there will be one for sure.

Just two weeks ago more than 90 district employees, including 38 teachers, were laid off. The union knows that the need to cut millions of dollars more could mean more layoffs.

McKeever says that puts a tremendous strain on the teachers who are already facing more students in their classrooms and cuts in extra programs.

"It's hard to teach with that hanging over your head", McKeever says.

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