A group of people dine and dash after eating at Chuck E. Cheese's in Troy

TROY, Mich. (WXYZ) - A group of party-goers at a Chuck E. Cheese's are accused of “dining and ditching” after holding a birthday party for a 1-year-old.

Troy police say about 15 people attended the birthday party on Wednesday.

The group came in and ordered food. They even brought a cake. The children played games with tokens.

But when the waitress brought the bill, she was told the person with the money wasn’t there at the moment. She walked away, and that’s when, police say, the rest of the party left in a hurry with their cake in hand.

The people piled into a maroon van and drove away.

People leaving the Chuck E. Cheese's says they were disappointed to hear someone could be so inconsiderate. One woman said "It was all of those guests, plus they had good service, good food, played the games and then they just left, ran out on their bill. I think that's real inconsiderate."

Another said, "I know it's hard times, but don't try and get away with nothing free."

Police say they have a lead in the case. The group apparently made a reservation under someone's name. However, police say they don't yet know if the group used a real name to make the reservation.

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