A high school football player punched a coach at the end of a game, investigators say

ROCHESTER, Mich (wxyz) - A 16-year-old football player from West Bloomfield High School has been suspended and could face criminal charges after allegedly sucker punching a coach on the opposing team.

It happened Friday night near the end of the game with Stoney Creek High School. Stoney Creek was winning by a huge margin, so the Stoney Creek coach sent his players to the locker room without a handshake.

That move apparently made the West Bloomfield coach upset. He came across the field with some of his players following him, and when the coaches had some words, a player, according to witnesses and investigators, came around and punched assistant coach Harold "Buzz" Zube in the jaw. The punch knocked the coach unconscious.

The player was arrested, interviewed by sheriff's deputies with his parents present and then released to them.  He has been suspended by the school district and the superintendent of West Bloomfield says this is totally unacceptable and it is possible the suspension could turn into an expulsion. The decision will be up to the school board.

A captain for the Oakland County Sheriff's Department says it will be up to the prosecutor regarding criminal charges, but he expects there will be a charge of assault and battery.

There is video of the game, but so far no one has released it. One defensive coach for West Bloomfield saw the video and made it no secret that he was upset at the actions of the West Bloomfield coach.

Sunday night, that defensive coach Phil Sacha received an email from West Bloomfield coach Ron Bellamy stating that Sacha was fired.

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