A newly invented shoe helps solve high heel problems women face on a daily basis

Company from Troy helped make product a reality

TROY, Mich. (WXYZ) - Ladies, how many times did you wish you could make your high heels shorter when they started hurting you at the office?  Well, now you can.

They are called convertible heels.  You can change out the heel on the shoe to go from a shorter heel for work at the office to a taller heel for a night out on the town.  The idea is to change your heel not your whole shoe. 

The company who makes them is called ‘Day to Night'. Candice Cabe, 30, from Massachusetts thought of the idea while going through the Babson College MBA program.  While there, she focused on entrepreneurship. 

"It's hard to carry a whole bunch of different shoes with you for different events or occasions and when you have high heels on they're hurting you.  So, I thought it would be nice and convenient if you could carry one pair of shoes with multiple heel heights," said Cabe.

Cabe then used software from Troy company FISHER/UNITECH to take her idea and make it into a reality.  The company helped her to make the prototype for the interchangeable heel with 3D printing.  

"Some people-- until they can put it in their hands, play with it, bend it, flex it, put it on a shoe and walk on it, and that's how she started.  We would 3D print a set.  She'd walk on them and say this is too high, this is cutting in, and so on and so forth," said Jenny Giolas from FISHER/UNITECH.

Since the company is a startup, the shoe will retail for $300 dollars.  If you pre-order the shoe it will cost you about $150 dollars.  To learn more about Cabe and her shoes you can visit her website: www.convertible-heels.com/Day2Night

To learn more about FISHER/UNITECH you can visit their website: http://www.funtech.com/

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