A veteran Novi Police officer says he was forced out of his job for refusing to write enough tickets

NOVI, MI (WXYZ) - Novi Police officer Michael Corbett says he's been forced out of his job for refusing to write at least two traffic tickets and make four stops during every shift.

"I've been uncomfortable with the practice for a long time and have told several supervisors," says Corbett who maintains his bosses basically told him if he didn't do what they wanted, "they would make my life miserable,"

Corbett is suing the Novi Police Department and some of his supervisors, claiming wrongful discharge and unfair treatment.

"I am disappointed it has come to this, that the department is about revenue and not about doing what is right for the people of Novi who are being ticketed for things that would normally be a warning."

Corbett, who had been on the job for 25 years and says he has always had good reviews, finally sent a letter about this to the city manager. He says after that he was told he was under investigation for inappropriate practices.

Corbett says this has caused him so much stress, he believes Novi is breaking the law which changed in 2010 to make ticket quotas illegal.

We reached out to the department for a response and the assistant chief told us he couldn't say much because he has not seen the lawsuit, but he did say the allegations are not consistent with the practices nor the professionalism of the Novi Police Department.

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