Aftermath leaves basements flooded across many areas of Metro Detroit after historic storm

A big task awaited Royal Oak homeowner Mitch Gaska on Tuesday. 
Gaska's basement was flooded during the historic storm that hit metro Detroit and he wasn't alone.
“It’s amazing how much stuff was floating around the basement last night," Gaska said.
The basement quickly became a soppy, sloppy mess that had him scrambling to save personal items of sentimental value.
“I was able to save the baby pictures and the grandbaby pictures and all that and to us, that’s important," Gaska said. 
Tom Woolcock finished work on his basement last March, complete with new furniture. 
“I did the majority of the work," Woolcock told Action News.  "It took me about 6-7 months."
“Borderline devastating," is how he described the damage caused by the water. "Worse things have happened to better people but I was very fortunate where I had a little bit of equipment and then I had a couple of great friends come over and bring me some transfer pumps and we pumped out as much as we could last night," said Woolcock. 
Afrer a few hours of sleep, Woolcock spent the morning trying to remove the remaining water as the clean up continued. 
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