Alicia Smith tracked down two dogs who stole hearts in last year's MHS Valentine's Telethon

Puppies abandoned under a porch find loving homes

ADRIAN, Mich. (WXYZ) - Do you ever wonder what becomes of the puppies who are featured on the Michigan Humane Society 's  Valentine's Day Telethon?  Well, a couple of them from last year are loving life on a farm in Adrian.

Paige and Peyton were among a litter of pups rescued after they were discovered abandoned under a porch in Detroit.

Our viewers really fell in love with their litter once they saw them in the puppy pen during the telethon.  And, yes, I fell in love with them, too.  I really bonded with Paige – a chow-collie mix.

Recently, I learned that Paige was adopted by a loving family – the Pickfords from Adrian.

The Pickfords also adopted Peyton, and they renamed the dog Midnight because of her black coat.

Our camera crew drove with me to Adrian this month to meet the dogs and see how they've grown over the last year.

The Pickfords welcomed us with open arms.  The dogs ran out to greet us with tails wagging, too.

"Paige is a girly girl," said Carolyn Pickford with a chuckle.

Her son Rob's dog Sage had passed away about two years ago.

When Carolyn saw the puppies during the telethon in 2012, her husband Ora remembers their late afternoon hour-and-a-half dash to Detroit.

"She saw him on TV and said that's the one we want right there.  So, we took off," said Ora.

Carolyn said they made it to the Detroit Center for Animal Care 30 minutes before closing time.

"Right away, we saw the cage with those two in it, and they had bonded…so we didn't want to separate them," said Carolyn.  They adopted both.

Rob – who was hurt in a car accident years ago – was in the hospital when the dogs were adopted.  During his six months of treatment, his Mom brought pictures of the dogs playing in the snow, in the grass, even walking on ice.

Once he returned home, they became best of friends.

"Whenever I have a bad day or whatever, they just warm me up so much," said Rob.

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