An online high school churns out fake diplomas to scam tens of thousands of people

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. (WXYZ) - Imagine graduating from high school only to find out years later that the diploma you earned was a fake.

Elizabeth Osborne worked at her family businesses for a few years before applying to two colleges in metro Detroit when she received a disturbing call from the admissions office.

"They both told me outright that my diploma was fake, that it wasn't real.  Oh I was very mad.  I actually started crying," said Osborne. 

Not only were Osborne's dreams of attending college ripped away in an instant, but so was the accomplishment that she thought she had graduated from high school. 

"It's truly heartbreaking.  They knew what they were doing," Osborne told 7 Action News reporter Julie Banovic.

Osborne received her degree from an online high school.  Feeling a bit bewildered she turned her anger into action and started digging deeper into the company.

Now she's talking to Channel 7 to expose what she discovered about the school and help thousands of more victims, on 7 Action News at 11pm Monday night.

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