Are you having trouble in your marriage or relationship? A therapist shares the 7 warning signs

7 warning signs your partner is unhappy

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. (WXYZ) - Many couples experience ups and downs in their relationship, but there are warning signs that some serious cracks may be forming that you may need to repair.

Dr. Tracey Stulberg -- a licensed marriage and family therapist in Birmingham -- says there there are indicators a partner is unhappy.

One example is how they respond to an approach from someone outside of the relationship.

"If you're happy in your relationship, it's a compliment and just that.  If you are not happy, it can very well become an opportunity.  And for many of my couples where there has been cheating, they take that opportunity and they run with it," explained Dr. Stulberg.

She listed these 7 warning signs partners may be unhappy:

  • You don't miss each other when you are apart or there is a general feeling of growing apart
  • Lots of arguing, nagging, or angry silence when you are together
  • Lack of intimacy and affection; it has been awhile since there has been any romance
  • Communication is often one-sided, hostile, sarcastic, angry, or completely avoided
  • You and your partner spend little effort to spend time alone; no date nights or bonding time
  • Trust issues may develop following unexplained absences or secrecy regarding email, phone conversations, and text messages
  • You don't look at each other the same way or you don't feel that familiar warmth when you look at each other

If you feel you are having trouble in your relationship, you may want to consider consulting a marriage and family therapist or a counselor at church.


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