Backers of "Recall Janice Daniels!" turn in signatures in effort to put issue on November ballot

TROY, Mich. (WXYZ) - The group "Recall Janice Daniels!" turned in more than 9,000 signatures to the Oakland County Clerk's office this morning

"Mayor Daniels has been a real divisive and embarrassing force in the community," said Matt Binkowski, one of two leaders of the recall campaign.

The group says the mayor needs to be recalled for several reasons, including the anti-gay statement she made on her Facebook page, opposing the transit center, and for allegedly causing tension at city hall which led to the city manager resigning, something the mayor disputes.

"The city manager left twice," Daniels told 7 Action News Tuesday. "It had nothing to do with me."

Mayor Daniels says her opponents simply have different views.

"They're based upon my positions that I take, my votes that I take, and that is hardly reason to recall someone," the mayor said. "A recall should be used if someone commits a crime and I have committed no crime."

The recall team collected about 9,300 signatures.

They need about 8,000 of them to be certified by the clerk, and that will put the issue on the ballot in November.

The clerks office has 22 days to certify the signatures.

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