Battle brewing in Troy over a special election to choose a new mayor

TROY, Mich. (WXYZ) - Could another city be getting ready to take on the state of Michigan?

There is still controversy in Troy. Even though voters recalled their mayor and swore in another one, some people still want a special election.

The state requires a special election when there is a recall effort. But some city officials are saying the city's charter doesn't require it and the process would be expensive.

Janice Daniels was the mayor, recalled on November 6. There was controversy over her with some statements she made about gays and because her position on the transit center was a little controversial.

Eventually one of the council people, Dane Slater, was sworn in as acting mayor.

Right now there are six council members right now and Slater is the mayor. They would like to keep it like this until next November when they would have a regular election for a new mayor.

But the state wants the city to hold a special election in February.

Today would have been the filing deadline for people to apply and turn in petitions to be included in that election. But because of everything that has been going on, they extended that deadline.

A letter was sent to the city officials on November 19 announcing the new deadline to turn in petitions would be December 4, 2012.

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