Botford Hospital saves baby who swallowed entire pacifier while at daycare

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. (WXYZ) - A baby has recovered after being treated at Botsford Hospital following a scary accident where he swallowed his whole pacifier.

Botsford says five-month-old Cameron Herrick was at daycare when the accident happened. He was taken to Botsford by paramedics where doctors worked to clear his airway.

Cameron was then taken to the operating room, where the pacifier was removed bit by bit from his throat.

Cameron's mother, Adrienne Herrick, is crediting the Botsford doctors with saving her baby's life. In a press release from the hospital she says:

My precious baby was saved by the wonderful, caring people at Botsford. I can hardly find the right words to express my gratitude to them for knowing exactly what to do for him. I decided that writing a letter wasn't going to do it, so Cameron and I paid a visit to Botsford's ER to express our gratitude in person. It turned out that the doctors and nurses were thrilled to see Cameron and me. A great, big THANK YOU to you all! For everything. I mean it.

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