Verdict in Sandra Layne murder trial, grandmother who is accused of murdering grandson

PONTIAC, Mich. (WXYZ) - BREAKING: The jury has reached a verdict in the Sandra Layne murder trial. Layne is accused of murdering her teenage grandson.

On Monday, jurors asked to see several items including the gun, a Glock 17, Sandra Layne used to shoot Jonathan Hoffman multiple times.

Layne says she and her 17-year-old grandson had been arguing after he failed a court-ordered drug test and wanted money to leave town because he feared he would be sent to jail.

The West Bloomfield woman says she confronted Jonathan with the gun to make him talk to her and she feared how he might react since he had broken things in the past. Layne said Jonathan had never assaulted her before, but claims when she confronted him that day, he kicked her in the chest and hit her in the face, prompting her to shoot.

Prosecutors pointed out to jurors that Layne never called for help on any of the 11 phones in her condominium or her cell phone.

Oakland County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Paul Walton also told the jury that instead of leaving her home after shooting her grandson the first time, Layne went to the basement and then returned to Jonathan in his upstairs bedroom area and shot him again.

Layne's defense attorney told the jury that his client wanted to check on her grandson when she went back upstairs and only shot him again when he grabbed her and tried to get the gun.

The jury will decide if Layne murdered her 17-year-old grandson Jonathan Hoffman or if she killed him in self-defense.

Jonathan Hoffman's parents were in the courtroom for closing arguments.

Jurors are rarely allowed to ask witnesses any questions, but when Layne was on the stand they asked her why she didn't call 911 after shooting her grandson at least once.

The 75-year-old replied, "When I was in the basement, all I was thinking was that I had to hide. I was terrified."

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