Coast Guard rescues man who fell overboard in St. Clair Shores

SAINT CLAIR SHORES, Mich. (WXYZ) - The Coast Guard was called to the waters off Saint Clair Shores this morning.

Officials say a man was out on a 12 foot Lund boat with his two young daughters when he was knocked overboard by a wave. The girls stayed inside the boat.

The man was able to call 911 after making his way to shore. The Coast Guard was then able to rescue the girls.

"I was down by the water messing with my boat and eating a pizza when I saw the Coast Guard go by and I spotted a little boat with two little girls sitting in it," says witness Nick Stanziola.

The panic on the water was just near Miller Marina.

"He asked the girls if they were alright and they didn't say anything, they looked like they were in shock almost," says Stanziola. "My heart was pounding because I could see someone was missing, there was no adult on the boat. My initial feeling was I was seeing something really bad happen."

The cold water, rocks and whipping waves could have proved very dangerous, had it not been for swift action by the Coast Guard.

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