Dozens skip Thanksgiving dinner to wait in line for Black Friday deals

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - Dozens skipped Thanksgiving dinner with their families to wait in line.  Some had family members bring them food.

"I so want to eat, but it was fun, I don't want to lie," said Mohamed Alakhrass.  "I borke my little brother's Xbox so I have to buy him a new one," he said.  He waited outside with his two cousins.  "I get to go home with a bunch of cool stuff," said his cousin Mohamed Ashkar.

At the Toys "R" Us in Dearborn Erikka Reed got in line at noon for the coveted first place spot.

"I haven't decided yet," she said when asked what she wanted to get for her grandkids.  15 minutes later she walked out with nothing except the $30 dollars worth of freebies given as a door buster.

When I told her she was the first in line and how did she not get anything, she said, "I know!  I don't know."

Some people did run for what they wanted even though the store let people in 15 at a time and kept things pretty orderly.

"You'd be surprised.  It was like a mad dash to get whatever you wanted," said Joe Rangel.  He walked out with a shopping car full of half off diapers and an Xbox controller.

"In the back isle when I was in line I saw a couple of people running," said Kim Beaubien.  She had three children that she bought Christmas presents for.  "I probably saved about $200 dollars," she said. 

Many who waited in line said that they would do it again next year to get the bargains for Christmas.

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