Drivers say Southfield's pothole problem isn't getting any better

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - Now that the weather is warming up, you'd think road crews would be hard at work repairing potholes.

So why are countless drivers in Southfield still feeling beat up on the roads?

On a drive through Southfield, drivers can't help but notice their cars being put through the ringer.

We experience it every day; it's a pothole problem many hoped would've been solved by now.

Potholes here really come in all shapes and sizes and we brought a tape measure to see just how big they've become.

Some are more than 12 feet wide. They can span for several lanes and they run deep.

Around the area of 10 Mile and Evergreen, they're still causing headaches - despite all the promises to get them fixed.

We asked Southfield’s Director of Public Works to take a ride with us and look at the worst of the worst. We pointed them out and they promised to keep on patching.

But how about some real answers - why is it still so awful. The guy in the know tells us weather is what's to blame recently.

"When cold patch is put down, the rain will flush it out,” says Acting City Administrator Fred Zorn. “The volume of rain and the extreme temperature swing."

The City Administrator says they're planning to tear up and redo stretches of several roads they own, including evergreen between 10 and 11 mile and Greenfield between 8 and 9.

It'll happen as early as June and money from M-DOT and the federal government will be used.

To be fair, Evergreen from 8 to 9 Mile is already being redone. Also roads like 10 Mile that belong to the county will be patched by the road commission for Oakland County.

But drivers say they've waited long enough.

One told us, "Considering we are tax payers they need to fix it because we have to get work done on our cars they don't compensate for so they need to fix it."

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