Emotions run high over the suspension and reinstatement of a South Lyon teacher

SOUTH LYON, Mich (WXYZ) - "I was so confused about why I was suspended," says South Lyon Middle School Teacher Susan Johnson talking about what happened on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

She teaches performing arts and one of her students asked her to play the Youtube video called 'Same Love,' it has a gay theme.

Two hours later, she says she was called into a meeting and escorted out of the school and told she was suspended for two days without pay.

After an outcry from the ACLU and the community, students and alumni, the superintendent reversed the suspension and said she will get paid and apologized if the actions offended anyone.

At the school board meeting Monday night, some alumni, parents and a former substitute teacher spoke out against what happened.

However, board members say teachers are supposed to have videos approved before they are played in class and they say Johnson didn't follow that process. One board member called her a "rogue teacher" who didn't follow the rules.

The assistant superintendent said while South Lyon Schools do have diversity programs, maybe they need more and she is forming a committee to look into it.

Meanwhile, Susan Johnson says she is still sad and very troubled over what happened. She says she goes to school everyday filled with anxiety, not knowing who supports her and who doesn't. She says her hope is that what happened to her will result in more "diversity programs" in South Lyon and other districts.

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