Family demands safety precautions for pedestrians where woman was hit and killed by several cars

FARMINGTON HILL, Mich. (WXYZ) - The family of a Farmington Hills woman who died after being hit by several vehicles and then killed while crossing a major roadway, wants there to be changes along the road for pedestrians.

Thirty-seven-year-old Kimberly Williams got dropped off across the street from her home like she did every day.  Except Friday, she never made it to her front door .

"It's surreal right now. I don't really fathom this right now," said her cousin Silvester Williams. 

He said his cousin played it smart with her money and paid for a low bus fare instead of high gas prices for her car.  She worked at Blue Cross Blue Shield downtown.

"I'm assuming because of the snow banks they probably dropped her right off in the driveway," said Silvester.

Kimberly only made it across to the second lane of Grand River's five lane road before being hit by the first vehicle.

"She was struck, thrown into the other lane where she was struck by another two vehicles," said Silvester.

It was 6:20 p.m.  Police said Williams wore dark clothing.  She would have been difficult for drivers to see.

"Going through a lot of stress. And a lot of strain and a lot of pain," said Theodis Williams.

The last time Williams saw his daughter, they went on a lunch date.  Now he is trying to figure out how to save someone else's child.

"I was wondering how this could've been prevented. I was wondering what could we do to prevent this from happening as again," said Theodis.

"We can start with lighting. Some appropriate crosswalks maybe with a crossing light," said Silvester.

The area is not lit for pedestrians and cars speed along the road at 45 miles per hour.  People cross the road there all the time because there is a supermarket nearby and there are bus stops along the road.

They family said Kimberly touched everyone she came in contact with.  The hardworking 37-year-old was a devout Christian who loved life, her friends, and her family.

"Normally when we see each other we say I love you. And before we leave we say I love you. I and I smooch her. I normally get a kiss," said her father.  He also recently lost his other child, Kimberly's brother who died from cancer thirteen months ago.

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