Family rescues kitten in distress, more sick feral kittens and cats found at Troy home

TROY, Mich. (WXYZ) - A Troy homeowner admits the love he and his family have for animals got out of hand.

They were trying to help feral cats, at least a half dozen cats and kittens remain at the home, living in and out of their garage.

The situation came to our attention after the Farrah family drove by the Troy house on Saturday and rescued a kitten they spotted sitting on the sidewalk in the rain. That kitten appeared sick and in distress.

Elizabeth Farrah, her sister, Angela, and their mom took the kitten to the vet where he is currently being treated for an upper respiratory infection, dehydration and very low glucose levels.

7 Action News reporter Kimberly Craig talked with the Troy homeowner who admitted he and his wife need help and are hoping someone can help them without euthanizing any of the cats or kittens.

Thomas Petho says they only wanted to help the stray cats, but things have become overwhelming and out of control.

Action News spotted four kittens on the porch and at least three of them appeared to be suffering from an upper respiratory infection.

One of the kittens took off running into the garage through the large overhead door that is broken and won't completely close.

Petho guesses about fourteen feral cats and kittens are now living in and out of their garage.

There are lots of flies surrounding the home and are covering the food for the kittens.

Petho says he feeds them everyday, but caring for all of the cats has become too much for him and his wife to handle.

The Farrahs contacted Oakland County Animal Control. One of their crews arrived Monday afternoon and they were able to trap one kitten.

The Farrahs were told that the kitten they rescued was close to death, but he's now stable and eating.

They contacted us because they want help for the other kittens and cats.

Any 501c3 rescue group that might be able to help is urged to email reporter Kimberly Craig at KCRAIG@WXYZ.COM and we will put you in touch with Thomas Petho who is hopeful that the kittens will be able to be adopted into loving homes after getting the care they need.

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