Farmington Hills School says it will no longer close if it is extremely cold outside

Farmington Hills, Michigan (WXYZ) - Many schools  have a policy of cancelling school if the wind chill drops below around -20 degrees Fahrenheit.  This will have many parents  watching for school closing notices this week, but at one Farmington Hills school parents know already what to expect

“Even if 800 schools close tomorrow Hillel is going to be open,” said Steve Freedman, the head of the Hillel Day School.

Freedman sent out a letter to parents saying it just doesn’t make sense for the school to close when it’s cold.   Kids at the private Jewish school rely on carpools to give them rides to school.  They don’t wait outside for buses.

Freedman says he researched what schools in Alaska do about cold weather before writing the letter.  He said he learned that many cancel outdoor recess when the temperatures drop to 20 below.  They don’t cancel school.

“I realize the regions are different, and we get used to what we get used to… but the truth is we can bundle our kids up and we can have school,” said Freedman.

Parents seem to agree.  After sending out the letter Freedman said he got about 60 letters of support.  He got zero complaints.

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