Father and son snow plow 'team' work to clear roads following first major snow fall

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - Tonight 7 Action News has learned the Oakland County Road Commission has 50 salt/snow plow trucks working to clear the roads.

Meanwhile a father and son duo in business for themselves are also out working hard.

Scott Leonard and his 7-year-old son Brett are working in the West Bloomfield area to clear residential streets and roads.

"We start going at 6:00 am and my son loves it" says Scott. "It's a great time with my son and I have 7 trucks total so this is our busy season."

Brett is dressed for the job with warm boots and coat.

He says the best part is spending time with dad and when, "People say 'Thank You' for us doing a good job."

Since this is the first major snowfall of the season you can expect to see father and son doing more work this winter.

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