Ferndale Police say "knock-out game" may have inspired attack that put man in hospital

Ferndale (WXYZ) - The “knock-out game” has been making headlines across the country.  It is a “game” where someone tries to knock out an innocent stranger with one punch. 

Now, Ferndale Police are investigating whether that is what lead to an attack on a man walking along Woodward Avenue.  

It happened just before midnight on Sunday night as Edward Ewing walked across Wordsworth Street.  He had just stopped at White Castle for a bite to eat and was walking home.  He saw two men walking toward him.

“Was just going home,” said Ewing.  “Next thing I know I am sucker punched.”

The punch knocked Ewing out.  He suffered a concussion, broken jaw, chipped teeth, cuts, and bruises.  

“They could have killed him,” said his partner Jeff Perdue who witnessed the attack.  

The two wondered if he was the victim of a hate crime because of their sexuality, but as police pointed out there was no evidence of that.

“There were no words spoken, looks given,” said Edward.  "It was just boom.”

“As soon as they did it they laughed,” said Jeff Perdue.  “They were laughing back to the car.”

“It really looks like this knockout game where people approach people walking down the street and knock them out,” said Det. Brendan Moore, of the Ferndale Police Department.

Of course, motive can be hard to determine without talking to the people who committed the crime.

Ferndale Police are hoping someone can help them identify the men responsible.  Witnesses gave vague descriptions that are unlikely to help police without more leads.  The two men who walked passed him were described as young, black, one wearing a blue shirt.  They were seen getting into a silver or gold car.

After sitting in the hospital for days, Ewing has plenty to say to them.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” asks Ewing.  “My whole life is upside down. I can’t work. I’m uninsured. I’m in the hospital since Sunday, just so you can get a thrill from punching somebody in the face?”

A fund has been set up to help Ewing with his medical bills, which are expected to cost tens of thousands of dollars.  If you would like to help you can find it here.

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