Closing arguments in Mitchell Young murder trial, accused in attack on Cipriano family

PONTIAC, Mich., (WXYZ) - Closing arguments were heard in court Thursday in the Mitchell Young murder trial.

Jury instructions will be given on Friday at 8:30 a.m.

Mitchell Young spoke before the court and chose not to take the stand in his own defense, exercising his right to remain silent.

Young and Tucker Cipriano were charged with a brutal baseball bat attack on the Cipriano family. Tucker's father Robert Cipriano was killed and his mother and brother were severely beaten.

In earlier testimony on Thursday, jurors heard from a VP at DCFU Financial who spoke about several fraudulent attempts within hours of the brutal baseball bat beatings.

Shortly after, Detective Scott Rezeppa from the Farminton Hills Police Department took the stand.

He described what he saw at the crime scene.

"There was a dog in a den. It was blocked off with a couch. The dog was behind there… he was whimpering... limping around obviously injured."

Famliy members were wincing as they showed pictures of the injuries Bob Cipriano suffered.

The Oakland County Deputy Medical Examiner testified the blows to the head with a bat – did not kill Bob Cipriano right away.

Lead detective in the case Michael Flatt showed text messages sent by Tucker Cipriano – linking Mitchell Young to Cipriano around the time of the murder.

Including at text message sent to a 14-year-old friend, saying; "We've got enough spice to last us forever."

The whole time Young's ex-girlfriend sat in court – wiping away tears.

Young had sketched a rose for her while in court with a note attached.

It reads: "please don't cry you will make me cry."

She believes Tucker is to blame, and Young is innocent.

On Wednesday, two scientists were called in from the Michigan State Police and Oakland County Sheriff's Department. They testified Wednesday about blood evidence found at the Cipriano family home.

The experts say young's DNA was found on a bat used in the murder of Robert Cipriano. Cipriano's blood was also found it Young's pants.

Experts say Tucker Cipriano's DNA was found on another bat used in the attack on his family.

Tucker has already pleaded no contest to murder and will spend life behind bars.

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