Former club transforms back into a church in time for Easter Sunday

First church at Old Clutch Cargo's since 1927

PONTIAC, Mich. (WXYZ) - The last time a church service was held at the old clutch cargo’s building in Pontiac, was 1927 when they closed their doors.  

The church served as a nightclub for years until today when Grace Gospel Fellowship had their first service.

“There are so many people here for the first service that even the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department had to come out and control traffic.

People filled every pew, left no chair empty and took up just about any spot along the wall where you could stand.

Workers got as much of the remodeling done with the new Grace Gospel Fellowship Church that they could of before this Easter Sunday.

“Oh my gosh, It’s so exciting!” said Amanda Luther.

Luther’s family donated the building in November. The longtime parishioners knew exactly how they wanted to transform the old Clutch Cargo’s when they bought it.

“To fulfill pastor’s dream that has been long standing for 20 something years,” said Pastor Clark.

The property sits only 65 feet away from the old church. One time on a late night walk Pastor Kent Clark said a little prayer.

“I raised my hand toward the Clutch Cargo’s building and asked God to give me this building,” Pastor Clark.

15 years later his prayers were answered.

“The Hallelujahs were rolling on the insides of me. I was so grateful to God,” said Pastor Clark.

Leaving the old church will make more room for Grace Centers of Hope, a homeless shelter for women and children.  The two shared the building.

“Now we can increase the capacity at the mission which was really our goal, to help as many people as possible,” said Amanda Luther.

“He’s come through with a miracle here.  This is a miracle place,” said Pastor Clark.

There are still some renovations that need to be completed, like all the seating in the balcony wasn’t finished, but the pastor said they will be completing everything soon, they just wanted to be able to have service in the new church on Easter.

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