Former Oakland County Prosecutor David Gorcyca thought Jack Kevorkian would end his own life

Says he expected videotaped death

(WXYZ) - Dr. Jack Kevorkian wasn't the only man who became well known because of his controversial crusade for doctor-assisted suicide.

Both his attorney, Geoffrey Fieger, and the man who sent him to jail, former Oakland County Prosecutor David Gorcyca, became household names as well.

Looking back on the legal battles on the day of Kevorkian's death, Gorcyca says, "The day of the conviction I did 47 interviews in a row around the world."

Gorcyca says there's no question his successful prosecution of Dr Jack Kevorkian put his career on the map. But he had decided early on not to put Kevorkian on trial for murder unless and until there was a Michigan law against assisted suicide.

David Gorcyca says, "I told legislators he's been acquitted several times. I'm not wasting taxpayers' money."

But once the law was on the books and the evidence on videotape, Kevorkian's arrogance handed Gorcyca an easy slam dunk.

"It isn't often if ever you get a taped confession," Gorcyca says.

The former prosecutor said Friday that he admires Jack Kevorkian for his commitment to his controversial crusade. However, he believes if ‘Dr. Death' realized how sick he was himself, it was hypocritical not to use assisted suicide to end his own life.

"I always thought some day, when he gets near the end, he's going to videotape it and he's going to end his own life and he's going to air it for the world to see," Gorcyca said.

Jack Kevorkian died early Friday morning at a Royal Oak hospital. Friends say he passed away peacefully, to the sounds of his favorite classical music.

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