Good Samaritan catches purse snatcher outside Southfield store

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - Wednesday morning Oak Park resident Aaron Tobin sat in a tactical defense class at Wild West Academy in Royal Oak. 

He has a concealed weapon license, carries a gun, and wanted to know how to protect himself.

"They teach you it is important to be aware of your surroundings," said Tobin.

He was thinking about the class as he went to the One Stop Kosher Food Market later that day.  He saw a busy mom with two children. She was trying to load up a car. 

He then saw a man walking towards her. He watched. Then that man grabbed the woman's purse and ran.

"At first, I'm like, ‘Did I just see that man grab her purse?'" said Tobin.  "Then I heard her yell 'help,' and I took action."

A surveillance camera at the store recorded everything.

The thief ran across the road. Tobin got in his vehicle and tried to chase him. He got stuck behind other cars trying to leave the shopping center. 

Then he spotted the man running his way. He put his vehicle in park, and ran after the thief.  Somehow he caught up, tackled him, and with the help of another man held him until police arrived.

Southfield Police say they believe the man may be responsible for other purse snatchings at the same store.  They are reviewing surveillance video and collecting evidence.

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