Gun store owner prepares new buyers with additional training

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - As the gun debate rages on in Washington, supporters held National Gun Appreciation Day. But one local store owner says that's not what's bringing business into his shop.

Since the Newtown tragedy, William Kucyk, owner of Action Impact in Southfield, has seen gun sales triple. Many of his customers are new faces; people who now feel the need to carry a weapon for protection.

"They usually know very little," said Kucyk. "And I'm skeptical about what they've already learned."

Kucyk, a former SWAT commander, says the emphasis must be on training and education with new gun owners.

"I received a lot of training, and I recognize the importance of it. I want to put it into the civilian field," he told 7 Action News.

That theory is part of the store's policy. Unlike many gun shops, it allows for outside instructors to teach students at the store and range.

Kucyk says he doesn't worry about filling seats in his store's gun classes so long as people get the training they need. He also refuses to sell to new buyers without adequate training, even if that means losing a sale.

"If it happens, then it happens," said Kucyk. "But I sleep very well at night because my conscience is very clear."

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