Harsh winter takes it toll on Royal Oak, spends $109,000 in overtime already

ROYAL OAK, Mich. (WXYZ) - The harsh winter season has taken it's toll on the city of Royal Oak.

City manager Don Johnson says that storms have cost the city $637,024 already this winter, and have used almost $400,000 in salt alone.

He also said that Department of Public Service employees have earned $109,000 of overtime pay plowing and spreading the salt.

The city has used over 7,000 tons of salt already this winter, which is more than double the amount they used last year. The city is in no danger of running out of salt though, and DPS Director Greg Rassel says the salt dome is almost full.

Rassel says that more than 94 percent of the winter street maintenance budget has been spent already.

The winter has also taken it's toll on the city's water mains as well, with 55 water main breaks since the beginning of the year.




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