Prank call hoax prompts police SWAT response in West Bloomfield

WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - Police in West Bloomfield prepared for the worst earlier today, when someone phoned in to 911, claiming to have killed their wife and neighbor.

The caller also said he set up explosives all over his condo.

But, when police arrived this morning, they discovered something entirely different.

"It's something known as swatting and it involves making calls over the internet to prompt a police response" says Lt. Curt Lawson.

Neighbors at Fox Pointe Condos off Orchard Lake rd. south of Lone Pine, thought it was a real scare. They described seeing the police in full SWAT gear surrounding the unit.

But when police discovered an empty home, it became obvious it was a dangerous prank.

Police have taken the caller in for questioning, but no arrests so far.

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