Is the Oakland County Child Killer connected to John Wayne Gacy?

(WXYZ) - A man who says he saw  the last Oakland County Child Killer victim moments before he was abducted says there may be a connection to serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

John Wayne Gacy abducted and murder dozens of boys in the 70s. We recently learned that Gacy was in Michigan around the time the Oakland County Child Killer abductions happened.

7 Action News talked exclusively to a many who believes Gacy could have been involved.

"And I remember seeing a picture of him and that kind of startled me. I thought that could be the guy, it could be somebody involved in this," says Doug Wilson.

Doug Wilson says he saw the Oakland County Child Killer's last victim moments before he was abducted.

Wilson, who now lives in California, was living in Troy when four children were kidnapped and murdered. He talked to 7 Action News today via Skype.

The Oakland County Child killer ‘s last victim was Tim King who was abducted in Birmingham. Wilson says he saw King just before he was nabbed.

Wilson says, "I noticed a young man probably in his late 20's talking to what I found out later was Timmy King."

The other man he remembers from that night was sitting in a car. And he says he looked remarkably like Gacy, who was known to have had a younger man as an accomplice.

"And the description of the younger man was interesting, it was kind of like the guy I had seen talking to Tim King," says Wilson.

Wilson says when he talked with FBI agents they told him they had suspected that the Oakland County Child Killer did not work alone.

"They were also excited about the fact that there was probably two people involved," he adds.

The other information Wilson revealed that deeply interested the FBI he says was details about the car that night. It was not a blue Gremlin like it was widely believed, but a blue or green Pontiac Lemans two-door.

It was Tim King's dad, Barry King, who tracked down Wilson last spring. That was the first time he learned Wilson had talked to the FBI 36 years ago.

Barry King says, "The interesting thing to em is the fact that this car designer identified this Lemans as being there and the FBI... acknowleged to him in '77 that they knew that."

7 Action News asked OC Prosecutor Jessica Cooper what she thinks of the possible Gacy connection. She says the task force is looking into it but believes that it is quote "Pie in the sky" and is highly doubtful he had anything to do with the Oakland County Child Killer case.


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