Kid Rock performs 'Born Free' at Mitt Romney's Royal Oak campaign stop

ROYAL OAK, Mich. (WXYZ) - Mitt Romney's campaign got a shot in the arm Monday night as Kid Rock brought down the house at Romney's final pre-primary rally at the Royal Oak Music Theater.

The Kid performed 'Born Free' for a crowd of hundreds who clapped and cheered throughout.

Governor Rick Snyder also made an appearance, telling the crowd Republicans need to support the former Massachusetts governor because of his record in the private sector. Snyder said Romney is a proven job creator.

"He's standing up to say he's going to leave a better future for tomorrow for our children," Governor Snyder said.

Romney did not mention his chief rival, Rick Santorum, by name, but he did attack President Obama.

"This president believes in crony capitalism. If he stays president of the United States he will continue to take your money to give to his cronies," Romney said. "If I'm president of the United States we're going to return once again to a nation that believes in free enterprise and free markets and get our economy going."

The vote Tuesday is expected to be close. Romney has either been tied with or trailing Santorum by a slim margin in recent polls. Michigan's primary is not winner takes all. Each candidate will get two delegates for each congressional district they win -- the state has 14 congressional districts.

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