L. Brooks Patterson cited for not wearing seat belt in car crash

(WXYZ) - Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson has been cited for not wearing a seatbelt in connection with the car accident that left him seriously injured.

The citation carries a maximum penalty of $65.

Patterson released the following statement about the citation:


"Not wearing a seatbelt was a mistake. I accept my responsibility and paid the $65 fine this afternoon."

Patterson was a passenger in a Chrysler 300 when it was involved in an accident at Walton Blvd. and Opdyke Rd. on August 10.

Anthony Prainito, the driver of the other vehicle, was cited for failing to yield while turning left in front of Patterson car. He has been charged with three county of Moving Violation Causing Serious Impairment of Bodily Function.

The crash investigation also revealed that neither Patterson or his driver, James Cram, were wearing seat belts at the time of the crash.

Cram has not been issued a citation at this time. Officials say he is not in a position to deal with a traffic citation at this time because of the injuries he suffered in the crash.

Patterson is still being treated for injuries he received in the crash. However, he has been released from the hospital and is receiving physical therapy.

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