L. Brooks Patterson's right-hand man calls Dems questioning of the Exec's ability to lead "Shameful"

OAKLAND COUNTY (WXYZ) - L. Brooks Patterson expects to be back in the office within two to four weeks, but his absence from the political scene due to serious injuries he sustained in an early August car crash has Oakland County Democrats questioning the Oakland County Executive's ability to lead.

"With all the rumors out there, everyone is left wondering what kind of state L. Brooks Patterson is really in and whether or not he can actually do the job for another term," said Chair of the Oakland County Democratic Party Frank Houston.

"Shameful" is what Oakland County's Deputy County Executive says in response to Houston's criticism.

Patterson, who is still recovering in an undisclosed location, released the following statement:

"If I were a democrat and had not seen Patterson for six weeks, I would consider it to be a great summer. The democrats have been so busy climbing all over themselves trying to be the one that measures me for my crypt, that I doubt they really are sincere about my well-being. But the benefit of the many hundreds I've heard from, I can report to them that I'm fine. Most bruises and fractures have healed; and there's one stubborn nerve that I'm working on and should be back at my desk shortly".

Patterson's challenger in November is Kevin Howley who owns a turnaround management firm that assists companies and non-profit groups.






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