Lake Orion Schools provide make-up schedule due to school closings from extreme winter weather

LAKE ORION, Mich. (WXYZ) - Lake Orion Schools have provided their plan to make up missed school days due to the extreme winter in southeast Michigan.

The Michigan Department of Education allows up to six snow days, and many districts exceeded the allotment, including Lake Orion. Administrators from Lake Orion Schools released a tentative schedule for make-up days. 

Proposed legislation could reduce the number of days that need to be made up. For now, Lake Orion Schools will extend the school year. Parents will be notified of any revisions to the schedule.


Blanche Sims, Orion Oaks, Paint Creek, Pine Tree, Stadium Drive and Webber Elementary Schools and Waldon and Scripps Middle Schools 

  • School will be in session all day on June 13 instead of half-day as originally scheduled. 
  • School will be in session all day on June 16, 17, 18, and 19 and half-day on Friday, June 20. 
Carpenter Year Round Elementary will be in session all day June 18 and June 19 and a half-day on Friday, June 20. (Because of the year-round calendar, Carpenter was already scheduled to be in session all day on June 16, 17 and half day on June 18.) 
Oakview Middle School will be in session all day on June 13, 16, 17, 18, and 19 and a half-day on Friday, June 20. Because, Oakview had one additional cancelled day because of a power outage, Oakview will also be in session on Monday, June 23 unless an appeal to the MDE is approved.
Lake Orion High School except *seniors: (The high school will be in session as shown below; however, there may be some adjustments. A detailed June schedule, which will include the exact 4th term exam schedule, will be forthcoming from the high school). 
  • June 12 and 13 will be full days of instruction instead of half-days as originally planned. 
  • School will be in session all day on June 16 and 17. 
  • Wednesday, June 18 will be a late start. 
  • June 19 and June 20 will be half-days and tentatively scheduled as exam days. 
 *Lake Orion High School Seniors: Principal Steve Hawley will send the senior schedule within the next week once a few issues are verified with the MDE. 
Learning Options will follow the LOHS schedule. 
Stay with for updates.
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