Local boy with cancer trends on Twitter because people thought it was his dying wish

CLARKSTON, Mich. (WXYZ) - Pop singer Britney Spears is doing it and so is Lions head coach Jim Schwartz.  They are asking their followers on Twitter to help a 9-year-old Clarkston boy with brain cancer. 

They are tweeting that it is Ryan's dying wish to be a trending topic on twitter.

"He is touched.  He breaks down and cries and says I can't believe so many people love me and care about me," said Ryan's mother Kim Karp.  "He says, it just brings joy to my heart, he says through his tears."

Her son is currently known in the Twitter universe as #RyanKennedy.   It is true that the fourth grader is dying of brain cancer, but it was not his wish to be a trending topic.  Before a few weeks ago he did not even know the social media site existed.

"He doesn't know much about anything about Twitter," said Karp. She had to explain it to him.  She said the whole thing snowballed out of control after a friend asked people on Twitter to simply pray for Ryan.

A trending topic on Twitter is an issue that gets talked about the most.  Something that is popular on the site.

"We said, you know what, why don't we pray for everyone who is twittering for you that God blesses them richly like he has our family," said Karp. 

Ryan is currently too sick to talk, and sleeps 23 hours out of the day. 

He was diagnosed with brain cancer at age 3 and since 2007 he has been having non-stop surgeries to remove tumors from his brain stem.  But the tumors keep coming back and getting more severe. 

After a surgery last August paralyzed the right side of his face, the 9-year-old told his mother, 'no more.'

"He said I want be like it was before all of this happened. I don't want to have to go to the doctors," said Karp.

Doctors do not expect Ryan to make it to his 10th birthday which is May 24. Just last week the family thought they were losing him and he said his goodbyes to his brother and sister.

"That was the most heart wrenching experience to have to go through. To have him say I love you so much Mackenzie he told her," said Karp.

But Ryan bounced back, and his family believes he still has work to do in this life, like maybe using his new found fame to bring more awareness to brain cancer.

A representative from Twitter contacted Karp and told her that over last weekend #RyanKennedy has been a top 20 trending topic in the U.S. and Canada and a top ten trending topic in: Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Spain, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

If you want to know more about Ryan's history and his fight to live you can go to the following website: www.carepages.com and put in: ryankennedy52402.

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