Local businesses prepare for Super Bowl rush with overtime and early preparation

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - Preparing for the Super Bowl rush, many restaurants have amped up their process to accommodate large orders.

Cottage Inn Pizza, located on Lahser in Southfield, is usually quiet on Sunday. Most of its customers come from surrounding businesses during the weekdays, but Super Bowl Sunday had staff working overtime.

General Manager Rami Jiddou doubled the number of employees, and had workers prepare some of the food Saturday. He expects to serve more than 1,000 wings and a couple hundred pizzas during game time.

Jiddou recommends fans plan ahead if they want their order delivered during halftime.

"I would call about 30 minutes before halftime, so about five minutes left in the second quarter with the commercial breaks and all that," said Jiddou.

If his employees are lucky, they'll hear the game on the radio. There are no televisions in the store. Although it might not make a difference since Jiddou says they don't have much time to focus on the score with so many orders coming.

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