Man arrested for robbing banks after taking selfie on Facebook with gun used to rob banks

(WXYZ) - 21-year-old Jules Bahler, or "King Romeo" as he calls himself on Facebook, loves posting selfies with guns, and the picture above is the one that got him arrested for robbing three banks. 

It’s believed Bahler robbed a Genisys Credit Union and a Bank of America in Pontiac, and then went up to Bay City where to rob a Chemical Bank. Authorities believe he got away with about $15,000.

The 21-year-old is from Brooklyn, N.Y., but appears he wanted to plant his roots in Pontiac. Not only did he brag about his guns on Facebook, he also posted a picture of what he says is the first house he just bought in Pontiac, but it looks like the only home he’ll have for a while is one behind bars.

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