Man suspected in '94 murder of Livonia man executed in Ohio

TROY, Mich. (WXYZ) - The family of a man murdered in Livonia almost 19 years ago, said they are finally getting some closure after his suspected killer was executed Wednesday in Ohio.

Frederick Treesh was sentenced to death for killing the security guard of an adult bookstore in Ohio in 1994. It happened during a multi-state crime spree that included Michigan.

The brothers of the murdered Livonia man sat down with 7 Action News.  The brother who was there that night, Frank Danno, spoke to TV cameras for the first time.

Frank decided not to go to the execution today.  He said he did not want to be that close to man who killed his brothers and almost killed him.

"It was too painful to go and see the guy who walked in 19 years ago, into our office and murdered my brother and shot me three times," said Frank Danno.

Frank's relatives went to Ohio today instead to watch Frederick Treesh be executed. 

"It definitely feels like closure.  It ends a really miserable period of our life.  18 almost 19 years we've been living this horrible memory," said Frank.

Their other brother Steve was also supposed to be there the night of the shooting for a meeting the three were having at their video store, but he was not supposed to be there until after the store closed.

"It's a better world without, with one less evil person," said Steve.

Treesh and a partner, Benjamin Brooks, were the main suspects for shooting frank and killing his brother, 39-year-old Ghassan Danno, who the brothers call Gus.  It happened back in August of 1994 at the Livonia video store the brothers owned.  Frank and Gus were in the office when Frank said Treesh walked in with a gun.

"He goes, guess what time it is brother?  And he was pointing at the gun this way.  Swinging it between me and my brother.  Left us no chance whatsoever," said Frank.

Gus died at the hospital from his injuries.  Frank still has a bullet in his leg where he was shot three times and has a metal rod holding his leg together.  At the time the attorney general in Ohio convinced Frank to let them have the case because Treesh and his partner were also suspected in killing a man in Ohio and Ohio had the death penalty.  Not trying to bring Treesh back to Michigan is a decision Frank regrets to this day because Treesh never admitted to his brother's murder.

"He says I'm not sorry for the case for the Danno's murder in Michigan simply because I was never convicted, never charged.  But if you want to murder me, you can do that.  Those were his last words," said Frank.

Gus left behind a wife and two toddlers, Christina and Christopher.  Today they are 21-years-old and 20-years-old pursuing college and living with their mother in the Chicago area. 

"They robbed us from a person that we really loved. A father, a husband, a friend," said Steve.

The brothers closed the video store they could not go back to.  They now work at an insurance agency they opened together in Troy, but said it will never be the same.

"His time had not come yet but they took all that away from us," said Steve.

Benjamin Brooks pleaded guilty in Ohio to avoid the death sentence.  He is serving 40 years to life in prison.


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