Cipriano family releases statement about Monday's assaults

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. (WXYZ) - The family of the victim's in Monday's brutal beating in Farmington Hills have released a statement addressing what happened.

It reads as follows:

The Cipriano and Trahan families wish to express our heartfelt appreciation for the community of support, love and prayers that have been so present in our lives these past two days. We are a large family and are gathering from all over the country to be here to support Rose and Salvatore.  As we work to cope with the reality that in an instant changed all of our lives, we are grateful for the compassion and competence that we have experienced in working with the Farmington Hills Police Department. Botsford Hospital has provided excellent medical care for our family, kept us informed and has answered any and all of our questions.

At this time while we recognize the concern of the public we ask that you recognize and respect our need for privacy.

Updates will be managed through the Community Relations department of Botsford Hospital. We will be in contact with them on a regular basis and have requested that they manage all inquiries.

Our family members continue to be in critical condition.  We continue to pray for their recovery and welcome your thoughts and prayers as well.  Thank you.

-The Cipriano and Trahan Families

Rose Cipriano and her son, 17-year-old Sal remain in critical condition at Botsford Hospital after a vicious baseball bat attack in their home on Rosehill in Farmington Hills. Robert Cipriano, 52, was killed in the attack.

Tucker Cipriano, their 19-year-old son was arrested and is accused of the attack.

On Tuesday, a day after the alleged attack, the department of probation revealed it had suspended Cipriano's probation agent. The suspension comes after it was revealed that Cipriano missed his April check-in.

However, he had called the agent and was due to check in later this week.

The probation officer was suspended while an investigation is conducted into whether or not Cipriano was monitored properly.

Meantime, the community is praying for Rose and Sal's recovery. They suffered blunt force trauma and were rushed to the hospital.         

The Farmington Hills Police Chief says Tucker Cipriano and a 20-year-old friend broke into the home in the early morning hours Monday morning and the two got into a verbal confrontation with Tucker's dad, mom and brother.

Tanner Cipriano, Sal's twin brother managed to hide in a closet and call police.

The family dog was also injured and taken to a local veterinarian at an animal shelter until it can be reunited with the surviving members of the Cipriano family. 

Once police arrived they took one suspect into custody but Tucker's disappearance sparked a manhunt Monday morning. Tucker was found in a house in Keego Harbor hours later.

There was a younger sibling inside the Cipriano home at the time of the attacks. She was not harmed.

According investigators, two baseball bats were recovered from the scene.

It's believed those were the weapons the suspects used to assault the family.

Two vigils were held for the victims, including one at St. Fabian Church Monday night.  For many showing up to pray for the family, the news of Robert's  brutal death was unbearable.

Police believe it's possible Tucker and his alleged accomplice were high on drugs and looking for cash at the time of the murder.

Tucker's friend Ian Zinderman says he was with Tucker just hours before the attack on the family. Zinderman tells 7 Action News that Tucker was getting high and spoke about his plans to break into his parent's home.

However, Zinderman says he didn't believe Tucker was really going to do anything.

"They were planning on taking cars. They were planning on taking a lot of things. I didn't want to be a part of that… and I told them look if you're going to do something like that – I don't think you are going do it – but don't get me involved in this," said Zinderman.

Zinderman says when he saw Tucker Cipriano after the attack, Tucker's clothes were bloodied and he had dog bite.

According to Farmington Public Schools, Tucker last attended North Farmington High School in the fall as a senior. But he had a string of excused absences in October and then stopped showing up.

7 Action News has also learned he pleaded guilty to a drug charge in October.

Investigators from the Farmington Hills Police Department are presenting the case to the Oakland County Prosecutors office. The suspects could appear in court as early as tomorrow.

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