Met Hotel spokesperson denies money trouble at the facility

Employees claim pay checks have been bouncing

TROY, Mich. (WXYZ) - Several employees and former employees of the Met Hotel in Troy are raising concerns about the hotel being in financial trouble.

The employees tell Action News that earlier in the summer, several pay checks bounced. Today, several people say they weren't issued checks and were told to come back later to get paid. 

Sharonda Holly says, "It's not right to cut out on people's money. It's not just me, other employee's checks are bouncing. This is ridiculous." Holly claims her college aged daughter did not get paid in full either.

Amanda Rich, a single mother of five, claims that an earlier check this summer still hasn't cleared. "They say they'll take care of it, they claim they'll make good but it still hasn't cleared."

The Met Hotel is being run by Hannah Karsho and her husband Remo Polselli. Polselli is a felon convicted on tax evasion charges. Several properties that they have been affiliated with in the past, Sugar Loaf, the St. Regis , the Plaza in Southfield and the St. Clair Inn have all gone into bankruptcy under their management.

A spokesperson for the Polselli's denies that the hotel is in trouble. A man identified as Glenn Price by former employees, told Action News that "This is a wonderful hotel. It is not going into bankruptcy or in any way in distress."

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