Neighbors react after US Marshalls arrest woman they say has been a fugitive for 36 years

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. (WXYZ) - Texas investigators have apprehended an attempted murder suspect decades after the crime occured. She fled the Lone Star state and was found hiding in Farmington Hills - living a new life.

Neighbors in the Farmington Hills subdivision are in utter disbelief following the arrest.

US Marshalls say the arrest took place in the driveway of Kathlyn Huff's home without incident; one of the reasons why neighbors had not clue they were living next to a fugitive.

"Fugitive on the run for 30 years?" said neighbor Madhuri Raju, "I think we've heard stories in the past about this happening, but never in my neighborhood."

It's a quiet neighborhood where most residents keep to themselves. Merav Hazan will tell you it's a great place to raise children. Which is why she is shocked to know one of the homes on her block in Farmington Hills housed a fugitive on the run for attempted murder.

"I'm thinking now I need to be careful." said Hazan, "You never know who is your neighbor. You live in a quiet neighborhood, but you never know who lives behind this door, you know?"

Behind a door reading "No Solicitors" is where 58-year-old Kathlyn Regina Huff lived a second life, after allegedly shooting a man in the head 36 years ago in San Antonio. Huff moved to Michigan, changed her name to Kathlyn Rose and lived what neighbors describe as an ordinary life.

"I saw only one man once in a while just throwing the garbage," said Hazan, "But now that you mention that maybe something serious was going on in this house, I could tell why they would be hiding."

"Ordinary stuff." said Raju, "Throwing out garbage, taking out trash, cars going in and out. That's pretty much it. I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary."

The Farmington Hills home remains quiet, but neighbors continue to voice their concerns.

"I'm just shocked." said Raju, "This is a quiet neighborhood with families. People just minding their own business."

"What kind of life is it that you're hiding from your family that you had some serious issue in your background of your life, you know?" asked Hazan.

Huff is currently in the Oakland County jail awaiting extradition.

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