Neighbors say hoarding situation at apartments in Farmington Hills is getting worse

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. (WXYZ) - On a summer day, Jason Robinson had planned to grill outside but instead, he is spraying bug repellant around the unit next to his home in the Streamwood Condominiums.

Outside on his neighbor’s front porch is a bucket of rotting fruit in vegetables in a bucket of sitting water.

"I have a three year old daughter and we can't even play outside,” said Robinson.   “If we do, we get swarmed by bugs.  She has bites.  I have bites."

Those who live here say that is just a glimpse of what is actually inside the unit.

Ask just about anyone who lives the same building and they will say the same thing. 

Many have bite marks all over their legs but they are not sure what type of insect has been attacking them.

On Thursday, 7 Action News first told you about a hoarder has been living in a unit here for several years and how the situation has made a turn for the worse recently.

Neighbors think she has decaying meat inside and they believe that is where the flies are coming from.

"I think that is what it smells like.  Raw meat.  There's ways to mask that but the flies are breeding on something," said neighbor Leanne Lafave.

"I'm not sure what's living in there,” said Robinson.  “I'm not sure what's hatching in there.  I don't know if it's coming through the drains but I try not to keep my door open at all but I still have bugs. I still have huge flies."

Lefave has found dead bugs in cups of water and her vents.

Other neighbors had upper respiratory problems and bad allergic reactions.

They told 7 Action News, the hoarder’s son recently moved her out of her home but the mess remains.

Those who live in the building are fearful of what they are breathing in and are still worried their health could be at risk.

"I can't use my air conditioner,” said Lefave.  “It's hot today.  Today's a bad one but I'm glad we haven't really a blazing hot summer."

The hoarder has also left behind her car which is filled with junk, bugs, maggots, and overwhelming unpleasant odor.

According to neighbors, since 7 Action News’ first report, they spoke to the complex’s management who told them they are planning on having crews clean out the infected unit.

Stay with 7 Action News as we continue to follow this story.

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