Oakland Co. couple says state illegally took their children

PONTIAC, Mich. (WXYZ) - An Oakland County couple is fighting to get their four children back. The parents say their children, including two newborn twins, were illegally removed from their home by the Department of Human Services.

Jessica Reed and Maged Mousa of Farmington Hills say protective services came over unannounced and removed the two older children in May. The action came after a neighbor complained that the 5-year-old child was seen playing unsupervised in the family's backyard.

In June, when the twins were born, Reed and Mousa weren't allowed to bring them home. They were taken into protective custody.

"When you're removing unborn children, that's the unthinkable," said Allison Folmer, their attorney who also represented Maryanne Godboldo in a separate high-profile custody case.

For the last six months, Reed says their rights have been denied. She says suitable housing for the children was available at her sister's home, but instead the children were placed in foster care.

On Friday, Oakland County Circuit Judge Hon. Lisa Gorcycka, said that issue needs to be investigated. Gorcycka, who was recently reassigned the case, has ordered protective services to interview Reed's sister to see if she can provide proper housing for the children.

Folmar applauded the judge's decision, but says previous actions in this case are troubling. "It's got to be something really, really urgent while DHS is at your door to take your children," said Folmar. "They had absolutely no orders, no documents presented to this family at all. They have every right to deny any entry into their home."

The prosecuting attorney, Lisa Harris, would not comment on the case.

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