Oakland County Sheriff's K-9 killed after attacking handler

Deputy expected to be okay

(WXYZ) - The Oakland County Sheriff said that a deputy shot and killed his K-9 partner after the German Shepherd attacked him.

The deputy is expected to be okay. The hospital admitted him and is keeping him for observation to make sure the puncture wound to his arm does not get infected.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said the dog recently started having serious aggression issues. The dog did some remedial training and the next step was to take him to the vet's office. 

When the deputy tried to get the dog out of the vehicle at the vet's office in Davison the dog refused to come out.

The deputy had to put on a bite sleeve that is used in training and get the dog out.

The dog calmed down outside of the vehicle but then lunged and attacked the deputy biting him up the arm toward the face.

The dog would not release after several commands and the deputy was forced to shoot the dog.

The dog released and then made movements to lunge at the deputy again and the deputy shot the dog again. The dog died.

The dog, a purebred German Shepard was named Gunner. He had been with the department for five years. The deputy is a 23 year veteran of the force.

The dog's remains have been taken to Michigan State University for a necropsy, which is the equivalent of an autopsy done on a human.

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